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Full Service Contracts

Full Service Contracts

What does Full Service Contractor mean for you? It means that we at Torel Building will take all of the worry out of your hands. Starting with the in-house design, you can choose from one of Torel’s standard designs custom-fitted to your needs. Alternatively, you can request a change in the design which will better suit your requirements. Our architects will work closely with you to ensure the final product will match your specifications.

The full-service contract means it’s a turnkey project for you. Once we are contracted, we will manage the project from start to finish, employing and overseeing and checking the work of all the sub-contractors from beginning to completion.

Our experienced managers at Torel Building take a personal interest to ensure your house is completed to specification within the allotted time period, with strict attention to detail and close supervision at all times.

When you take the keys to your home in Sedona, AZ, be assured that you have a project that has quality built into it every step of the way.