The Architecture

The key element of building a home in the arid area around Sedona, AZ, was originally the adobe brick. The materials required – sand, clay and water – were often available at the site of construction. Whether the Native Americans knew it or not, the brick was perfect for building houses in this environment as it’s properties kept the building cool in the summer and hot during the winter.

The problem with the adobe bricks was that their chemistry meant that they didn’t weather very well and that a structure left unattended for many years would simply ‘melt’ back into the ground. That was why a lime plaster coating was necessary to protect the adobe from erosion caused by wind and rain.

While times and building materials may have changed, look through our completed custom built homes page. You can see that most of the houses designed by Torel Building retain this old, smooth, earthen feel with soft lines and rounded corners and parapets. Typically, only one or two stories tall, they have large windows, high ceilings and open floor plans.

Here at Torel Building we construct houses that not only are beautiful, comfortable and suited just for your needs, but also fit in perfectly with the environment.