Custom Design

Custom Built Homes in Sedona

When you choose a new custom home construction design from Torel Building in Sedona, AZ, there are few things limiting your design and options. As an experienced Custom Home Builder, we have several new home floor plans to get you started. We then work together to design the custom home of your dreams through detailed discussions with our architectural department.

Premium Building Contractor

Torel is one of the largest land holders and custom builders in Sedona Arizona. The excellent reputation with over 30 years of experience precedes us. Whatever your choice in cabinetry, flooring type or coloring, tiles or hardwood, stainless steel or ceramic, the finishing touches are, as they should be, up to you. We are in the business of creating your dream home and you are the most important part of this process.

Custom Homes Are Built Around You

As one of Arizona’s premier new home builder and construction contractors, we pride ourselves on constructing the your home around you. The professionals at Torel ensure that the house is built around you, not the other way around. Come and see us at Torel in Sedona, where, if we don’t have something that’s just right for you, we will do our best to create it.