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Sedona Custom Home Builder Chris Tortorello

With the visionary eye of an artist and the assured hand of a professional home builder, Chris Tortorello has created numerous custom dream homes in the Sedona Area, each as unique as the people who live in them. These special homes are easy to recognize — they’re the ones that seem born from the red rock landscape, with an inviting presence inside and out that eases the soul and inspires the heart. As founder and owner of Torel Building, Chris brings more than 30 years of experience, and the dedication of a man who loves his life’s work to the process of creating the home you’ve always imagined in this special land.

Sedona Landscape is a Part of the Design

The landscape, in fact, is the starting point for all Torel-built homes. The lot’s natural features, and its place in the larger landscape, are some of the guiding principles in every home’s design. It would be a disservice to the land, and the home, to do it any other way, Chris says. He combines these principles with the ideas and lifestyle requirements of the owners to create a home that’s in harmony with its environment and its inhabitants.

Personal Supervision

As one of the rare individuals who builds as well as designs homes, Chris personally oversees each project undertaken by Torel Custom Homes, supervising his team of handpicked contractors and craftspeople on a daily basis. It’s all part of a process he finds deeply satisfying. “I love taking an idea, working with the various elements and forms through the design process, and bringing a new home into reality,” he says.

Chris Building Experience

Chris moved to Sedona with his family from New York in 1996, where he had owned and operated his own custom home building business for 13 years. Now with his Sedona-based company, Torel Custom Homes, he finds inspiration in the traditions of Southwest architecture and Sedona’s natural surroundings, and his designs have quickly become a cornerstone of the Sedona lifestyle.

Chris Tortorello

Chris Tortorello

What Our Clients are Saying

five star rating

What an absolute pleasure it is to write this note of appreciation to you and your company. As veterans to the home construction and remodeling scene, we have worked with hundreds of subcontrac-tors in over six states. You and your well coordinated team have just recently completed our retirement home here in Sedona. I must say the elements I look for in a contractor and their work product are passion, design sense, material selection, flexibility, cost, subcon-tractor quality and delivering on promises. Chris, I must say you have exceeded expectations on all of those.

You always made us feel comfortable and happy with the project and process and rapidly returned our many calls! There wasn’t a problem you couldn’t solve in our favor. Chris, for the price, quality of materials and your determination to deliver you will remain our favorite. It is a pleasure and honor to be your neighbor.

Mark Gorchesky, MD

five star rating

You know the sayin: “Being in the right place at the right time.”

Well, that was certainly the case when we met you in early February 2010. From Day 1, it has been a pleasure working with you. After many cups of coffee and well thought out design plans, we all created the dream home that we both cherish. It is everything we imagined and more. Your integrity and professionalism contin-ued throughout the entire process. You always came up with solutions to our budget concerns, never compromising our style or quality.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is two over-whelmed and happy homeowners.

John and Marguerite