Built with exquisite attention
to detail and a deep sense of pride

Quality is an over-used word, but we haven’t found a better one to describe what we do. We build quality into every home from the beginning – to final completion.

Every Torel home is professionally built, with every detail personally supervised. We pay attention to the smallest details – and the big picture.

Not only are our Sedona homes beautiful places to live in or visit, they also blend harmoniously with their surroundings, making every occupant feel that they are a natural part of the beautiful place that is Sedona.


It all starts with the beauty of Sedona.
Every home I build evolves from the
unique character of the home site.
The views, the topography, the red rocks
are all carefully considered in the design
process while keeping the best interests
of my clients in mind.
— Chris Tortorello, President